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We’re expanding into the Middle East and Africa

We’re expanding into the Middle East and Africa

Our network is already wide-reaching. With over 15 offices and 450 team members across the globe, we’re making counsellors’ roles easier, while helping institutions receive a diverse cohort of quality applications.

Now, to provide even greater access for everyone in our network, we’re expanding. As part of our ambitious goal to be the go-to marketplace for international recruitment, we’re expanding our footprint into UAE, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

These locations will provide dedicated in-person support for local counsellors in these regions. And by expanding globally, we’re bolstering access for our institution partners. 

The Middle East and Africa opportunity 

The Middle East and Africa are often overlooked, as they are untapped opportunities. In the UAE, for example, education is a priority.

The country is a world leader in students attending English-medium K-12 international schools––the majority of whom have intentions to attend international universities. And government spend allocation––which increased 17% in 2019––indicates a focus on education. UAE’s major city, Dubai, is also one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. 

For our regional director of MEA, Becky Ewen, setting up a presence in the UAE is an opportunity to provide increased support. 

“UAE ranked number 1 in the list of emerging top study destinations for international students, while they also consistently send students overseas. It makes a lot of sense to be on the ground there, so we can urgently support both sides of the market,” she said.

Saudi Arabia has also long been a top country for sending students abroad. Since 2000, enrolments from the Middle East have been climbing and Saudi Arabia alone counts for around 6% of US international students

And Nigeria has a burgeoning population. The United Nations estimates that by 2050, Nigeria will be the third most populous country in the world. With 60% of the population aged under 24, tertiary enrolment is forecasted to reach five million by 2024.

“This will be our first local presence in Africa,” said Becky Ewen, “and we’re excited to be supporting the burgeoning international student market there.”

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Unbeatable support 

Our unbeatable support team is one of the things our counsellors love about partnering with us. Opening offices in local markets allows us to offer better support than ever. 

Partnering with means gaining access to 1,400+ university partnerships, 80,000+ courses, and 2,000+ scholarships. What’s more, we allow counsellors to keep 100% of their commissions, offer a streamlined platform, and have the fastest application turnaround times in the industry.

Our in-country real-person support team can guide counsellors through student onboarding, visa applications, course applications, and any questions along the way. All designed to make their role easier than ever before. 

With 60% of Nigeria’s population aged under 24, tertiary enrolment is forecasted to reach five million by 2024.

Global access

Our ambitious expansion into the Middle East and Africa also allows us to continue offering unparalleled access for students to our 1,400+ institution partners globally.

By providing on-the-ground support, we’re assisting our 6,000+ vetted recruitment agents to deliver quality applications from diverse markets to our institution partners.

At, we know how important diversity is for institutions. Diversity not only enriches the educational experience––empowering students to think like global citizens—it can also help spread risk across both key and emerging markets. 

By opening offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria, we’re able to help boost student intakes from these areas. And with a 90% application success rate, we’re providing quality applications through local counsellors with the right local knowledge.

All without institutions ever having to build relationships one by one. 

Since 2000, enrolments from the Middle East have been climbing and Saudi Arabia alone counts for around 6% of US international students. 

Making the complex simple

The world of international recruitment can be complex––we’re helping to simplify it by providing unprecedented access.

By expanding, we’re boosting our already-strong network to help counsellors, institutions, and students alike. It’s all part of our view to place 70,000 students by 2025.

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