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London Metropolitan University joins forces with

London Metropolitan University joins forces with
  • Adventus Professional Services (APS) is’s admissions and compliance servicing arm, now available to institutions.
  • APS helps institutions efficiently manage increased volume of varying-quality applications.
  • London Metropolitan University has seen positive results since adopting APS, supporting its student recruitment, marketing, admissions, and compliance services in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • London Met has achieved a greater diversity of applications from students in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

We're thrilled to announce that London Metropolitan University (London Met) has entered into a multi-year agreement with to deliver compliant growth in student recruitment. Central to this partnership is the University’s adoption of Adventus Professional Services (APS).

APS,’s admissions and compliance servicing arm, targets efficiency by delivering market-leading student recruitment, marketing, admissions, compliance services, and exceptional turnaround times via white-label services with SLA and scalability.

This partnership will effectively see London Met leverage’s market expertise to support all student recruitment in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, reflecting the increasing appetite we’ve seen among institutions to partner with external market experts to efficiently process the high volumes of student applications intensified by pent-up demand.

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APS: Solving a systemic industry problem

Many institutions are being inundated by applications of varying quality - overburdening their already constrained operations. With budget constraints still a factor for many, it's no surprise that institutions are seeking smarter and more sustainable ways to support growth without compromising quality.

APS is the culmination of our heavy investment in rigorous compliance processes and compliant growth, providing institutions with scalability and service levels, stronger quality control measures, channel management expertise, as well as market insight and analytics often not available when managing the process in-house.

Patrick Whitfield, Chief Commercial Officer of says, "Increasingly, institutions are exploring integrated partnerships with our marketplace to access our unrivalled quality & compliance expertise. We were the first Edtech to invest heavily in rigorous compliance processes.

The days of ‘black-box’ recruitment, with no channel transparency or data are numbered.  Institutions seek true partnerships that align with student success and support compliant growth. We believe this is only the beginning of what we can achieve with London Met and look forward to working with them."

Supporting London Met to scale and meet their growing needs

Based in one of the world’s most exciting capital cities and ranked sixth in the UK for teaching quality, London Metropolitan University attracts a high volume of applications.  For them, the quality of applications is of the highest importance.

Since partnering with APS and Adventus Drive, London Met has achieved a greater diversity of applications, including from students in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Drive’s suite of channel management and analytics tools was integral in helping London Met control which source markets to dial up recruitment efforts in.

Jennifer Wilkinson, Director of Student Recruitment & Business Development at London Met adds, “We have been delighted with the initial outcomes of our partnership with, particularly through the APS work, which is why we have decided to further expand our relationship.”

APS delivers London Met positive results

London Met has experienced a surge in high-quality applications through the marketplace since implementing Adventus Drive. For the Sept 2022 intake alone, London Met received over 600 applications via the platform, of which almost a quarter have been directly attributed to Drive targeted marketing tools. For the January 2023 intake, London Met surpassed over 1,000 applications from and is on track to exceed a 30% conversion rate from offer to enrolment.

LMU 3 results

With the support of Adventus Drive, admissions and compliance services via APS were rapidly scaled up between May and December 2022, where assessed over 15,000 applications and conducted over 2,000 compliance interviews on behalf of London Met across their South Asia markets.

London Met’s initial phase resulted in zero visa refusals based on credibility following interviews by APS in these markets. Most applications were processed within 24 to 48 hrs providing certainty and confidence to agents and students in London Met’s level of service to applicants.  

Jennifer adds, “We would not have been able to capitalise on this demand in the same way without the support of, who have supported measured growth with a persistent focus on high quality in line with our institutional priorities.

The time-consuming but essential activities in our admissions and compliance processes are now delivered more efficiently and at a greater scale by market experts. We are confident that through our partnership, growth can be achieved with high levels of quality control and compliance. We are excited to continue to work closely with to ensure we meet our international targets in an efficient, compliant and transparent way.”