Request Demo CEO Victor Rajeevan discusses international education transformation and Ricky Ponting's role in exclusive Forbes India interview CEO Victor Rajeevan discusses international education transformation and Ricky Ponting's role in exclusive Forbes India interview

In conversation with Victor Rajeevan (CEO and Co-Founder, on how is revolutionizing the landscape of international education.

For our readers, can you please describe the core business interests of was founded in 2018 as a SaaS based student recruitment marketplace catering to international education that brings students, recruiters, and institutions under one umbrella. The overseas education market is highly fragmented. The stakeholders don't have the requisite tools to address their needs. This is where steps in. We provide end-to end technology and process solutions for recruiters and institutions and take care of the entire value chain, from student application to successful student enrolment.

What makes stand out from its peers in the international market? stands out because we place transparency at the heart of our business model, establishing us as a trusted partner for institutions and recruiters. Our subscription model is a novelty in the industry, where we transfer 100% commission to the recruiters, which is unheard of in this segment. In addition, we offer our recruiters access to 40 destinations through our diverse global portfolio of institutions. For our institution partners, we offer transparency by giving access to advanced analytical tools for macro trends, behavioural insights, and student profiling that helps them make informed choices. Additionally, we follow a rigorous quality and verification process to ensure that only verified applications are presented to institutions.

Since its inception, how has the journey been for

Since we commenced operations in 2018, we have onboarded 1,600+ institutions and over 8,000 recruiters on our marketplace and also received the best-in industry accreditation from ICEF and AIRC. We In conversation with Victor Rajeevan (CEO and Co-Founder, on how is revolutionizing the landscape of international education. Victor Rajeevan, CEO and Co-Founder, have helped our partners process more than 100,000 students to date. Our presence spans 40+ study destinations and 15+ source countries, supported by 400+ team members. We have established in-country support and processing centres in India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the UAE, Brazil, and Vietnam. has successfully carved out a niche in the segment, and the journey has been full of learning and growth.

The landscape of international education has seen turbulent times recently. What are your observations on the sector’s dynamic?

The pandemic is hopefully behind us now. There is a lot of pent-up demand, so enrolment numbers have surged, and this trend is expected to continue in the medium term. As study destinations, USA, Canada, UK, and Australia remain the preferred choices. The overall trend in overseas education will see greater integration of next-gen technology in recruitment, student experiences, and teaching methods. However, the sector also needs to address concerns related to access, affordability, revenue, and diversification.

As you pointed out, the overseas education market is highly fragmented; what specific challenges do recruiters face?

The best illustration of the fragmented market is the application process a student must undergo if they want to apply to multiple courses at different institutions. From a recruiter's perspective, they have to keep track of all institutions, courses, and procedures to avoid misleading the students. Their consultancy services must be impeccable as a student's future depends on it. Ensuring the satisfaction of students and institutions is a recruiter’s responsibility. Concerns regarding recruiters' credibility are also a hurdle in the value chain.

How is addressing these challenges?

The services of are designed to address these challenges. We partner with a global portfolio of institutions and bring over 80,000 programs on one platform for students and recruiters to choose from. Our application vetting process, handholding, and platform support enable the students to enrol in the program of their choice successfully. We provide global reach to institutions too. screens every student application thoroughly for accuracy and compliance, and only applications that pass our screening are presented to institutions. This enables the institutions to scale globally and reliably in an efficient manner.

What has been your experience operating in the Indian market?

India is one of the largest markets for international higher education. We expect the market to grow at a CAGR of 4–6% over the next decade. Due to the size of the Indian market, it is ripe for multiple players to operate in the ecosystem. Our commitment to the Indian market is evident with the opening of the Application Fulfillment Supercentre in Noida. We are continuously investing in our capabilities and offerings for the Indian market.

The decision to pursue international education is a life-changing human endeavor.
How does temper the technology with the human element?

I am glad you asked that question. Pursuing an overseas education is a life-altering decision. The hopes and aspirations of students and parents are involved. We, as a platform, aim to provide a seamless experience for all stakeholders. Countries and regions have different grading systems, languages, documentation needs, and compliance requirements. At, we understand that while technology can solve many of these challenges, investing in the right human resource is critical. This is exactly what we have been doing at Our processes are geared towards making international admissions accessible and hassle-free.

How does stay ahead of the curve regarding innovation in the EdTech sector?

The EdTech industry needs more standardization in tools, technologies, and processes while working with global educational institutions. At, we see it as an opportunity to provide trusted solutions built on continuous innovation.

We have a simple approach to bringing innovation into every business aspect. The entire international recruitment process, from course discovery to successful course admissions, is broken into several steps. For every step, the tech team evaluates and deploys the most suitable and effective tech solutions. The platform is a blend of technologies that co-exist and interact with each other, wherein every tech solution is well suited to address a particular problem efficiently. Our tech team constantly tries to reinvent our solutions to keep pace with technological advancements.

Recently, introduced Ricky Ponting as its brand ambassador. What are your thoughts on this partnership?

The exploits of Ricky Ponting on the cricket field are legendary. Our partnership with him is special and trusted, and what he does is not dissimilar to what education recruiters do, just as Ricky mentors and coaches cricket players to achieve their full potential, recruiters coach and mentor their students towards success. Ricky identifies deeply with our mission of democratizing overseas education and understands Australia as a top education destination. Here in cricket-crazy India, Ricky is a much-admired figure who can be a trusted voice advocating the overseas education roadmap of, and we’re thrilled to have him on our team.

Finally, what is your vision for the future of

The future is looking very bright for We started operations during the pandemic. The experience of the early days has strengthened our work ethic and resilience, providing us with valuable insights that will continue to drive our innovation. We are actively investing in our team and technology capabilities, prioritizing automation, and AI to enhance our services.
In addition, we are dedicated to expanding our presence in developing and existing markets, with a particular focus on India. Recognizing its significance, we aim to make India a key priority for's growth. Ultimately, our vision for remains the same; to be an enabler, revolutionizing overseas education. We are committed to improving access, diversity and transparency. By delivering on this mission, we aim to transform the landscape of overseas education for the better.

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