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Unlike master agents, Adventus IO is a neutral platform connecting institutions to a network of 3,000+ vetted agents around the globe. The marketplace also provides tools to help global institutions rebuild and take control over their student pipeline.

Our 100% commission model removes bias

At first glance, Adventus IO may seem like another master agent. In reality, we’re anything but. 

In the standard model, master agents take a cut of the commission, releasing only 70-80% to the sub-agents to whom they subcontract the counselling work.

Adventus IO is different.

We’re a neutral marketplace passing on 100% commission to agents who choose to partner with us. Facilitating this model reduces bias because recruiters no longer limit course options to those that offer them the highest commissions.

Ultimately, we’re opening more doors for students, so they can make the best study decisions that will impact their future.

We only work with vetted agents

When working with master agents, there’s no particular threshold to meet for a sub-agent to begin working with them and sending applications to your institution. This means applications received may not be coming from top-quality or legitimate sources. 

To ensure honesty and integrity are upheld throughout our recruiter network, our 3,000+ agents complete extensive business checks – including reference checks.

This gives both students and institutions peace of mind. 

We deliver quality when others focus on volume at any cost

When it comes to student applications, master agents provide volume without the promise of quality. This means institutions carry a heavy administrative burden processing applicants who do not fulfill basic entry requirements or have no financial capability to follow through on their enrolment.

At Adventus IO, we do extensive legwork work, so you receive the best quality applicants in the market. Our stringent vetting process for prospective students includes visa checks, application checks, and financial checks. 

We’re on a mission to build the most accurate application processing system in the world.

The result? Applications from Adventus IO have a 90% offer rate and a 90% visa acceptance rate. 

We understand the nuances of what institutions want

Master agents tend to have teams of salespeople working in-house. Those salespeople don’t have a deep understanding of education, because most haven’t worked in institutions themselves.

That’s not how we operate. At Adventus IO, we have highly-regarded ex-institution leaders working in-house. This ensures we understand your needs and the voice of institutions is represented in the way we work, how we innovate, and in the way we manage a high-quality agent network.

Technology-backed platform

When working with multiple Master Agents, keeping track of queries and applications at different stages of the process can be convoluted and time consuming.

Not so with Adventus IO. Our tech-backed platform and single-point-of-contact streamline enquiries from our thousands of recruiters and we provide training for agents so that you don’t have to.

Plus, with Adventus IO, there’s no listing fee. Unlike portals and aggregators, we don’t charge anything to make your courses available to our network of agents.

Global reach, instantly

Diversity in the student body enriches the educational experience. Diversity also spreads risk. 

Some institutions feel they are over-reliant on a few source markets. This is particularly challenging in critical situations when regulations and general sentiment towards certain study destinations change and they lose student flow from key markets. 

While many master agents have students from only a few source markets, partnering with Adventus IO means accessing a diverse pool of candidates globally. 

Our marketplace currently represents agents in 10 source countries – including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. We expect to expand to 19 countries by the end of 2021.

From passive to proactive

As we look towards a post-pandemic world, we’re determined to help institutions of all sizes thrive. Soon, we’ll be announcing a range of new products to assist institutions like never before. 

While master agents are a channel that gives institutions access to applications in a passive manner, as a two-sided marketplace, Adventus IO’s gives institutions control to proactively influence the student pipeline.

We are currently piloting a new suite of marketing products that will allow institutions to influence every stage of the student decision-making process, directly within the marketplace.

Institutions can access detailed data that unveils the student funnel, opportunities to drive more traffic, and the ability to boost key offerings.

There’ll also be further opportunities for targeted marketing, in-depth agent training without having to spend on travel or print collateral.

While the pandemic is put a halt to traditional methods of growing and maintaining your agent network, hope is on the horizon. Our new products will help institutions thrive both now and beyond the pandemic, ensuring the right students fill the right seats every time. 

When institutions ask: it’s our goal to deliver.

To learn more about how the marketplace can support your institution, contact us.