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Introducing Grade Match, for smarter course searches

Introducing Grade Match, for smarter course searches

Speed is critical to giving students the best chance possible of being accepted to their first choices. But speed at the cost of matching students with options relevant to their academic and financial capability is damaging to everyone in the process – students, counsellors, and institutions.

We know that pairing students with the right universities, colleges, and pathway programs can be complex and challenging. Our latest search feature is designed to help counsellors give their students smarter advice, quickly.

Welcoming Grade Match––our new Search tool that helps counsellors see how closely their student’s academic scores match the requirements of the courses they’re searching, in seconds.

Eliminate guesswork 

Across the globe, there are tens of thousands of potential courses to match students with. Matching each student’s grades against the requirements of every course takes a lot of time and precise knowledge of course prerequisites.

Our Course Search already allows counsellors to quickly filter through our 1,300+ institution partners and 70,000+ courses to create a relevant shortlist for students––including filtering for interests, location, nationality, visa status, and even COVID-19 readiness.

With Grade Match, we’re going one step further. 

Grade Match helps eliminate any guesswork. Now you can match student’s grades to courses to create a personalised shortlist of the courses with the greatest likelihood of application success. 

A better success rate 

At, we’re committed to helping counsellors deliver quality applications to institutions. Our 90% application success rate saves counsellors and institutions time while avoiding disappointment for students. 

With Grade Match, course matches are based on the student’s grades and academic transcripts, so there’s no time and effort wasted. Now it’s easy to help students locate courses that they’re eligible for with a high chance of acceptance. 

Grade Match also benefits universities and colleges. They benefit from knowing students from the marketplace are consistently matched with relevant options. Reducing the downstream administrative burden of processing unqualified applicants.


How does it work? 

To make the most of our Grade Match tool, both counsellors and students now have the option to input students’ academic grades and grading system before conducting a course search.

Once the course search is completed, a badge will appear alongside the search results displaying how the students’ grades are positioned against the entry requirements. 

  • Grades are: Almost there
  • Grades are: Just above
  • Grades are: Well above

The Grade Match filtering enables recruiters to only show courses that their students’ grades meet the entry requirements.

From there it’s simple to save a course, navigate to university course pages, and, when ready, begin the application process. 

We’re here to help 

Our Grade Match is a plus for counsellors, students, and institutions. 

It helps counsellors save time while simplifying the student matching process. For institutions, it’s another safeguard to ensure they receive high-quality applications that meet their courses prerequisites.

Grade Match is just the latest feature we’ve developed to simplify the international recruitment journey and meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers.

Grade Match is available on the marketplace now.

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