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Meet Bjorn Myhre – Partnership Director, USA

Meet Bjorn Myhre – Partnership Director, USA
  • As interest from the US market grows, so does our local team of experts in varying locations who look after different study regions.
  • Bjorn’s expertise is invaluable and he’ll be focusing on assisting institutions throughout the Western part of the USA to ensure they stand out in such a competitive market.

Hailing from the greater Seattle area, Bjorn has been in the shoes of our institution partners throughout his career, so he understands the pain points and challenges they face every day.

Not only does Bjorn have an impressive career background, but he also brings with him a strong motivation to help institutions achieve their goals.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up at Adventus?

Since 2002, I’ve worked at a variety of high schools, colleges, and universities, as a teacher, recruiter, and administrator and I’ve also had 11 years in college admission and recruitment.

About 8 years ago I met Chris Price (’s Senior Vice President of Partnerships for UK/Europe) at the NAFSA conference in St. Louis. Chris and I stayed connected through our college partnerships until this past summer when I interviewed for the Partnership Director position.

From an institutional partner’s point of view, it’s been interesting to see how the company has evolved and it’s impressive how much has changed over the years!

When you look back on your very impressive 20 years in the education sector, what are some of the most memorable milestones and highlights of your career to date?

Student success and global partnerships are two areas that come to mind.

Prior to joining, I worked with students and partners at various educational institutions. I took great joy in teaching students and working in college admissions. It is rewarding to help students from all backgrounds access education and become successful in many college environments.

Likewise, I got a lot out of working with global agent partners at my university and working towards achieving mutual enrollment goals. Developing relationships with great customer service and having genuine care for the well-being of the students, families, and partners is something I am proud of.

We’d love to hear more about your new role. What are some of the things you’ve been working on since joining

As a Partnership Director, I meet with new potential institutional partners in the USA and educate them on the benefits of a partnership with

I’m also working with our current institutional partners to manage the relationship between them and, making sure there is successful communication, admissions, and new student enrollment.

Another aspect of my position is to increase our AdventusDrive memberships in the USA. I’m looking forward to being in a position to help thousands of students to study at hundreds of great universities in the USA via the Adventus marketplace and our great network of recruitment partners.

International student recruitment has changed a lot in recent years, especially throughout the pandemic. What are some of the challenges you’ll be able to assist our institution partners with?

Educating our partner institutions on how can help with marketing and enrollment solutions in a competitive environment.

Also, I’ll be helping the partner institutions work more collaboratively with to use our platform to recruit international students effectively without having to travel. Working smarter and not harder to achieve their desired results is the goal here.

I can think like an institution partner, because I was in their shoes in my previous roles, and know their challenges and opportunities.

For you, what are the most exciting parts about working for an innovative company that is disrupting this industry?

Having bold goals and supporting teams that can deliver on those goals knowing that the end result is thousands of students studying abroad and having a transformative experience at their overseas institution is inspiring. Working for a company that can offer simple solutions and an excellent customer experience is great.

Also, working for an organisation that takes risks and thinks big is exciting and motivating.

Connect directly with Bjorn on LinkedIn or reach out to our Partnerships team to learn more about how your institution can leverage the marketplace.