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Meet Adam Rennison, Partnership Director, UK/EU

Meet Adam Rennison, Partnership Director, UK/EU
  • Adam has worked in a variety of different UK universities, specializing in international recruitment.
  • Smaller universities have the opportunity to be transformed by the marketplace as it’s cost-effective and can augment their resources.
  • Our marketplace can reduce the effort and risk for universities that struggle to manage student applications.

As the team continues to expand, so too does our ability to truly maintain a presence in the lives and work of our institutional partners. We’re excited to introduce you to Adam Rennison, our new Partnership Director for the UK and Europe.

Adam has an amazing career in education, mostly working in international recruitment in the UK, and he’s ready to help our institutional partners make the most of our marketplace. We sat down with Adam to get his insights and learn more about what he’s looking forward to in his new role. 

How did you make your way to work with

I’ve been in the education sector for about 15 years and, on a personal note, I wanted to move into the private sector. There’s a bunch of organizations including pathway providers (who offer foundation programs), marketing companies, and other startups. But EdTech is the obvious place to be because it’s so innovative right now. 

So to work for a company that’s reasonably new, like, one that’s grown from a zero client base just a few years ago to something much bigger, was quite an exciting opportunity. Having only started in August this year, I’ve already learned so much as the area of EdTech is constantly evolving! 

Thinking back on your career thus far, what have been some highlights or memorable moments?

I enjoyed my role prior to this one at Teesside University based in Middlesbrough, in the north of England. I loved the opportunity to take its low base of international students and turn it into a place in high demand, with a high volume of applications, by changing the way that they operated internationally. 

So rather than just saying, “let’s go and try to traditionally recruit”, we looked at all of the elements of recruitment, including the commercial arrangements for agents, entry requirements, English language requirements, the marketing, and overseas offices. We chose to disrupt.

One highlight was launching offices in Lagos, Nigeria, and Lahore, Pakistan. These can be difficult markets to visit and operate in. So to think that a university now has office premises abroad in these major source regions is really satisfying. It all started over a beer and two years later, it happened! And actually, we’ve helped to employ people abroad, enroll hundreds of students, and literally change people’s lives, as a direct result of our international strategy. An amazing feeling! 

Can you tell me about your new role at What are some of the things you’ve done so far?

Firstly, my role has evolved in the short time I’ve been here. I’m the Partnership Director for the UK and Europe. I manage the relationships with our UK and European institutional partners and drive forward their international strategy through our AdventusDrive solution. We’ve already seen great results for clients with much more to follow.  

We develop genuine friendships, build rapport, and identify solutions to our clients’ challenges. I thoroughly enjoy the process and the journey we go on together. 

What are you most excited to do for and its customers?

There’s a lot! Universities, particularly in the UK, are oversubscribed with applications and they can’t manage the volume. What has and will continue to become known for in the next couple of years is a marketplace that provides quality applications with a high conversion rate. What we do is ensure applications are screened for suitability, to maximise efficiency and minimise unnecessary pressure on resources for our partner institutions. 

Another exciting aspect relates to visibility. There are individual institutions that are unknown on the international student recruitment stage. They’re the ones who will be transformed the most by the marketplace because they have limited resources and brand development. It takes years to establish yourself internationally, physically, or with a network of trusted agents. gives the smaller institutions a real leg up to reasonably scale in a short period of time. For our more established partners, we provide diversity and quality, providing long-term security and an outstanding student experience as a result.

I’m so happy I made the move to It’s been such an exciting shift so far and I think EdTech will really change the landscape of international student recruitment. And I get to be part of that – it’s going to be exciting.

Connect directly with Adam on Linkedin or reach out to our Partnerships team to learn more about how your institution can leverage the marketplace.